You Can Spend Less on Retargeting to Get More from Your Ad Budget This Holiday Season

It can be hard to tell who&#39;s already going down the funnel on their own, but signals do exist in the form of behavioral data from individual users, such as how many add to carts, site visits and purchases they&#39;ve had over time.</p>

Holiday hazards</b></h2>

In addition to neglecting incrementality, marketers often err during the holidays by putting too much emphasis and ad spend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.</p>

Unfortunately for advertisers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall during Q4 when CPM and CPC rates are typically at their highest — and this creates a slippery slope when it comes to overspending. With CPM and CPC rates high because of competition, and low conversion rate</a>s during certain weeks in the holiday season posing a threat, there&#39;s potential for retailers to waste an obscene amount of ad spend at the most important time of the year.</p>

Instead of throwing more money at the problem, consider leveraging that potential spend to acquire new prospects who aren&#39;t familiar with your brand, potentially reaching users who are more likely to make an impact on your bottom line.</p>

Retailers don&#39;t have to succumb to holiday season hazards. They can win the holidays by gathering data on, and allocating ad budget to, users who are more likely to be influenced by ads — while at the same time letting those frequent purchasers find their own way to the buy button.</p>

Optimizing for incrementality using the tactics outlined above will help advertisers avoid holiday overspending, grow revenue profitability and turn Q4 into an opportunity, not a threat.</p>

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