Why Richard Branson's Website Makes Sales (And What You Can Learn from Following His Lead)

To get sales, make an offer.</b></h2>

One of the most well-known email marketers in the world, Ben Settle, once told me,&nbsp;&quot;The primary purpose of your website is to make sales. Most people forget to make offers, and so they stay broke.&quot; In other words, to make sales, you must make offers. Sadly, it took me a few years to learn the importance of making an offer. Instead of heeding Settle&#39;s advice, I created lots of blog, video and podcast content — but didn&#39;t make offers and suffered for it.</p>

Once I changed up my strategy and started making offers, my life changed. Sales came in, and I realized that, if you offer substantial value and help people, it&#39;s one hundred percent OK to present your product to further help your web visitors. When you&#39;re on Branson&#39;s website, it won&#39;t be long until a pop-up appears asking you to order his newest book. He gives value via his blog, videos&nbsp;and content — and later gives you an opportunity to buy his book. Sure, a book is a small offer, but if you made that low-cost offer to nearly 3 million people every month,&nbsp;it would sell.</p>

If you&#39;re wondering what to offer on your website, here are a few things to consider:&nbsp;First, your offer should be super-relevant to what your business helps visitors solve. Next, the first offer should be a low-cost offer. Lead with value and help, then suggest a low-cost product or service that doesn&#39;t take much thought, leading buyers into our pipeline of bigger and better products.</p>

By following Branson&#39;s lead in providing your website visitors clear branding, a prolific and consistent blog, and a chance to buy from you,&nbsp;you&#39;ll be sure to have a fine-tuned online selling machine.</p>

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