7 Strategies for Improving AdWords E-Commerce Performance by @wesleyparkerr

Improving your AdWords performance can be tough when you start to hit a ceiling. This is a critical time when reviewing your account for areas of improvement and implementing new strategies are required. Here’s seven of the most effective strategies for improving your AdWords performance, all of which have been tried and tested by me. They are […]

How to Improve Your Lead Quality by Linking AdWords With Your CRM Using Offline Tracking by @wesleyparkerr

Offline tracking is one of the most powerful yet underused tools in an AdWords marketer’s arsenal. After auditing hundreds of AdWords accounts as part of my role at Clicteq, some with multi-million-pound budgets, I’ve only ever seen one marketer utilizing this feature. What Is Offline Tracking and How Does It Help You Generate More Profit? […]