Instagram Tests Ability to Limit Story Views to Specific Friends by @MattGSouthern

Instagram is testing a new feature called “Friend List Stickers,” which lets users publish stories that are only visible to specific groups of friends. This was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a computer science student with a history of discovering new features before they’re released to everyone. Instagram is testing “Friend List Stickers”. This is […]

How I Turned Engineers Into Bloggers With 50,000 Views

B2B marketing writers are not boring — they are bored. In the rat race for SEO, clicks and visibility, they’re pressured to write at a relentless pace. Consequently, they sacrifice clarity to jargon, experience to corporate-speak, the personal for the impersonal. In most cases, they don’t even put a name on the byline. Most B2B content […]

YouTube Channels With Under 10K Views Can No Longer Display Ads by @MattGSouthern

Google is ramping up its efforts to ensure ads do not appear alongside questionable YouTube videos. Its latest measure involves blocking ads from appearing on channels with less than 10,000 total views. According to what Google recently told the Wall Street Journal, it has been working on putting this measure in place since November. At […]

The One Tip That Will Help Your Blog Posts Get 100x More Views by @seo_travel

ADVERTISEMENT TL;DR: Mention other people. It’s that simple. People spend hours slaving over fantastic content but forget to consider how they are going to promote it when it’s finished. Then when it’s ready they tweet/share/pin it into the ether and it’s gone forever. You’re left thinking it was no good, doubting your own ability and crying […]

New Google My Business Insights: Compare Photo Views Against Competitors by @MattGSouthern

As of December 15, insights are now available for photos in Google My Business. Insights are not only available for photos in your own business listing, you can compare the performance of your photos against those of similar businesses. This change was documented in the Google My Business changelog, and there’s also a new section […]