5 Interesting Snapchat Trends Brands Need to Know by @MrDannyGoodwin

We learned some interesting Snapchat stats from its IPO filing – most notably that it has 158 million daily users who use the messaging app for 20-30+ minutes per day. But how are brands reaching and engaging Snapchat users? What’s working? Here are five interesting marketing trends from a new Snaplytics report, which analyzed 271,000 snaps […]


10 Overrated Marketing Trends

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Irina Jordan of Fanatics Media lists the 10 most overrated marketing trends. Too many businesses waste their marketing budgets on ineffective methods like popups (especially on mobile), massive ads that don’t let you read the article you clicked on and vlogging.  Watch more videos from the folks at Fanatics Media on their YouTube channel here. Related: The […]


The 5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eyes on for 2017

As we’ve seen repeatedly this year, it’s always hard to predict the future. But companies try every year, from budget projections to planning marketing strategies. Though we’d all like to be clairvoyant enough to know what the next best thing will be, it’s incredibly hard to accurately predict new trends well enough to get a […]

3 Unstoppable SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Business is a game, and as an entrepreneur or marketer, your role in this game is to use any tool at your disposal to stay ahead of your competition. And one of the most effective tools to fulfill that role is SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the lifeblood of online business. And while […]