7 Ways to Keep Great Content from Dying a Slow, Unremarkable Death by @stoneyd

A website that isn’t adapting is a website that’s dying. The internet changes so fast that the moment you stop improving your website is the same moment that you start losing momentum and falling behind the competition. If your site isn’t actively adapting to the changing nature of the web, it’s stagnating and growing outdated, […]

“SEO Quickly — Then SEO Correctly” by @stoneyd

Optimizing correctly can take days, months, even years. This is why optimizing quickly is so important. It gives you a jump out the gate while you do the ongoing, time-consuming work. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress. SEO quickly first, then SEO correctly going forward. Perfection is the enemy of progress.–Unknown They might […]

Stop Treating Your Website Guests Like Just Another Visitor! by @stoneyd

Collecting and analyzing data is an important part of any successful web marketing campaign. Data, when interpreted correctly, can tell an amazing story about your website and how people find, use, abuse, and refuse your website. In fact, it’s impossible to really know what to improve without that data. Yet, that very same data can […]

3 Competitive Factors That Influence (or Hinder) Your Online Success by @stoneyd

Competitive knowledge is an important part of building a successful digital marketing campaign. While the actual optimization of your website can be competitor agnostic, the performance of that optimization isn’t. Simply monitoring competitors is not enough. And it’s more than collecting data and numbers. You have to understand what all it means. Analytics is great, but if you […]

The Complete Guide to Mastering E-Commerce Product Page Optimization by @stoneyd

In a previous post, I outlined my complete guide to optimizing product category pages. While those pages can be great for attracting searchers who are still deciding what specific products they want (and are critical to the sales process,) ultimately they are just “pass-through” pages. Their job is to get the visitors to the actual product […]