4 Marketing Strategies Every Startup Can Afford

Do your products sell themselves? Having a great product is essential, but that alone isn’t enough to make your startup successful. Aside from your fantastic product, you’ll also need a stellar marketing strategy to grow your startup. But for many entrepreneurs, it’s simply not realistic to spend a lot of money to acquire new business. […]

Marketing Lessons for Your Start-Up: 3 Success Stories

Many entrepreneurs make one of two fatal mistakes early in their company’s history: Either they believe their product can stand on its own without a formal marketing strategy, or they spend far too much of their fragile budget on an expensive marketing campaign that delivers only modest returns. Related: How to Design a Marketing Strategy That’s unfortunate, because innovative […]

#SEJThinkTank Recap: Startup Strategies for Grown Ups by @dantosz

On Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft joined the SEJ ThinkTank for a presentation and Q&A session about how to grow your brand by utilizing strategies he has learned in the trenches while growing two startups. (Which were bought by Microsoft and Yahoo!, respectively.) Think startups tactics have nothing […]