Snapchat Begins Selling Tickets from SeatGeek Within its App by @MattGSouthern

Snapchat has partnered with SeatGeek to introduce in-app purchases of event tickets. This is notable as it shows Snapchat is continuing to build on its in-app purchasing capabilities. Although limited in nature at this point, it could mean new opportunities for businesses in the future. Selling of tickets within Snapchat was first tested in a […]


Snapchat Makes Story Ads Available Through its Self-Serve Ad Manager by @MattGSouthern

Snapchat is now letting marketers purchase Story Ads, formerly known as Promoted Stories, through its self-serve ads manager. Now that Story Ads are available through the self-serve ads manager, they will have the same targeting options and auction-based pricing model as other Snapchat ads. This includes Snapchat’s 500+ predefined audience segments. What makes Story Ads […]

Google Reportedly Bringing a ‘Snapchat Discover’ Feature to Search by @MattGSouthern

Google is reportedly working on brining a publishing feature similar to Snapchat Discover to the company’s search engine. The Wall Street Journal reports the feature is likely to be called “Stamp”, and would be built on AMP technology. That means the feature would live on mobile, with stories that are like more stripped-down and faster-loading […]

5 Interesting Snapchat Trends Brands Need to Know by @MrDannyGoodwin

We learned some interesting Snapchat stats from its IPO filing – most notably that it has 158 million daily users who use the messaging app for 20-30+ minutes per day. But how are brands reaching and engaging Snapchat users? What’s working? Here are five interesting marketing trends from a new Snaplytics report, which analyzed 271,000 snaps […]

Snapchat Versus Instagram Stories: What’s the Difference? by @sayscaitlin

On August 2, 2016, I opened up my Instagram app and thought “Wait, did I accidentally click on Snapchat?” We all saw it coming — Facebook tried to buy Snapchat, as well as released several (unsuccessful) competitors in the past. Now, Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram had added a new feature in its update: Instagram Stories. It’s like, […]

Two Social Media Marketing Experts Discuss Facebook Live & Snapchat

Podcast: Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Social media continuously evolves, as seen in the emergence of features like Facebook Live and new platforms like Snapchat. With the ever-changing world of social media comes new ways of engaging users and adding to the mix of your company’s social media marketing strategy. Here are some ways you can make the […]