9 Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy by @lisabuyer

If you don’t have a social media strategy, you aren’t alone. According to a recent survey, 50 percent of businesses admit to not having a documented social media strategy. Uh oh? Yes! Without a strategy, you are gambling. Purposeful and strategic usually wins the social media game. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an effective […]

12 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Make Your Content Better by @vpkoshy

Content marketers are struggling to produce engaging content, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends study. The struggle is real for 54 percent of B2B content marketers and 50 percent of B2C marketers. Why is it so difficult to create great content? Without a doubt, the sheer quantity of content being generated is […]

Making This One Simple Request to Your Search Agency Will Produce Major Results

Many search agencies still run search campaigns on their agency account without sharing direct access to client. They instead send a weekly or monthly report on the clicks, impressions, and ad expense. For small businesses, the clients often do not have enough understanding about search marketing to review a campaign’s setup, or are too busy to […]


13 Simple Ways to Market Your Business Offline

Q:  I run a small business and need some marketing ideas that I can use offline to get people to visit my store. A: I review dozens of business plans each year. In the marketing section, nearly all of these plans say “We are going to market our company through social media.” This is great, […]