Online Reputation Management for Doctors

This is a sponsored post written by SearchReputation.net. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Most doctors can manage their reputations informally through customer relationship management and how they treat their patients. But most are unfamiliar with more practical ways of managing their reputational risk. Word of mouth is no longer local. Although […]


Content & SEO: Why & How to Build Trust, Authority & Reputation by @ronlieback

Let’s discuss TAR. Not the negative tar in nicotine or the stuff that fills cracks on roads, but rather the positive TAR that is the foundation of successful businesses: Trust Authority Reputation Without these three elements, a business is basically a copy of its competitors, multiplying choices for prospective clients. When TAR is present, prospects […]

SEJ Live: Rhea Drysdale on Understanding Your Brand’s Reputation by @rinadianewrites

Brands know that the conversation with active and potential customers starts — and likely ends — with reputation. Rhea Drysdale joined #SEJLive this week to talk about understanding your brand’s reputation through reputation marketing. Rhea also gave examples of companies doing reputation marketing right and shared advice on how teams can work together to build a […]