Product Page SEO: 16 Dos & Don’ts You Should Know by @clarkboyd

Product page SEO is increasingly challenging to get right. You want your ecommerce website to delight consumers with great creative assets. But you also need to give Google enough semantically relevant content to get those all-important page 1 rankings. Balancing these two objectives is incredibly hard, especially when you have thousands of products. So what can you do […]

Bing Shopping Campaigns Adds Search Term Reports at Product Level by @MattGSouthern

Bing Ads is rolling out a number of new features to Bing Shopping Campaigns designed to enhance feed management and optimization. In addition to product-level search term reports, Bing Ads is introducing online inventory update feeds, and scheduled feed downloads. Product Level Search Term Reports Bing Ads will now provide advertisers with data regarding which […]

How to Optimize Your Product Online

Reader Resource Tune in April 7 and find out how to provide stellar customer care with social media in our free webinar. Register Now » You work hard to attract visitors and prospects to your website and product listings. But if those people leave without buying — or without at least signing up to receive email updates […]

The Complete Guide to Mastering E-Commerce Product Page Optimization by @stoneyd

In a previous post, I outlined my complete guide to optimizing product category pages. While those pages can be great for attracting searchers who are still deciding what specific products they want (and are critical to the sales process,) ultimately they are just “pass-through” pages. Their job is to get the visitors to the actual product […]

The Complete Guide to Mastering E-commerce Product Category Page Optimization by @stoneyd

There are two key page types involved in optimizing your offerings (i.e. products or services) for both search engines and shoppers: Product information pages Product category pages The optimization of both plays a critical role in helping your products get traffic and converting that traffic into customers. Unless a visitor to your site enters through […]