Facebook’s New “Memories” Page Highlights Engaging Posts from Years Past by @MattGSouthern

Facebook has introduced a new home on the web that users can visit to reminisce on top posts they’ve published throughout the years. The new “Memories” page features a collection of of top text posts, photos, videos, and major life events. Facebook says the reason behind creating this page is because of the positive impact […]


15 Lessons From This Year's Online Wins, Scandals and Top Videos, Tweets and Instagram Posts

Instagram is inherently a more aspirational platform than, say, Twitter, due to its visual nature. The hashtags that gained in popularity most throughout the year reflect this: #Travel, #travelphotography and #naturephotography were three of the 10 hashtags on Instagram that saw the largest increases in use in 2017. Trending hashtags on Twitter tend to revolve […]


Google Posts: Share Messages in Search Results From Google My Business by @MattGSouthern

Google has officially rolled out Google Posts to all small businesses with a Google My Business listing. Google Posts allows small businesses to publish messages to Google My Business, which means the messages will also show up when their GMB page surfaces in search results and Google Maps. Posts will appears as a small snippet, […]

The One Tip That Will Help Your Blog Posts Get 100x More Views by @seo_travel

ADVERTISEMENT TL;DR: Mention other people. It’s that simple. People spend hours slaving over fantastic content but forget to consider how they are going to promote it when it’s finished. Then when it’s ready they tweet/share/pin it into the ether and it’s gone forever. You’re left thinking it was no good, doubting your own ability and crying […]

A Year of Content Marketing in Review: The 15 Top-Shared Posts of 2016 by @JuliaEMcCoy

More businesses than not know and use content marketing today, as a holistic whole. This year, as CMI’s recent B2B report for the year showed, content marketing was heavily on the uptrend. The problem in content marketing? It remains: documenting and strategizing. This isn’t growing as much both in popularity and knowledge as online content itself is. […]