7 Tips for Using Pop-ups Without Harming Your SEO by @ab80

To use or not to use pop-ups? That is the question. Specifically, it’s the question on a lot of SEO experts’ minds since January, when Google’s began devaluing intrusive pop-up ads along with other intrusive interstitials that might diminish mobile user experience. Of course, pop-up advertising works. The average conversion rate of high-performing pop-ups is 9.28 percent. […]

Google to Devalue Pages With Intrusive Pop-Ups in Mobile Search by @SouthernSEJ

In an effort to help searchers find more of the content they’re looking for in mobile search, Google has announced it will begin to devalue pages with intrusive pop-ups (otherwise known as interstitials). This change will come into effect after January 10, 2017. Google’s definition of an intrusive interstitial is one where the main content […]