The Top Challenges SEO Professionals Face in Their Career [POLL] by @A_Ninofranco

Whether you’re a newbie in search engine optimization (SEO) or a veteran who has been in the field since its inception, there are a variety of hurdles you might encounter in your career. After all, facing challenges is inevitable regardless of industry or level of expertise. We wanted to find out what was the biggest challenge […]

64% of Marketers Attend at Least One Marketing Conference Each Year [POLL] by @rinadianewrites

Conferences are a great way to learn about new and interesting trends in your industry. These events are also an opportunity to further improve your skills and up your game. Best of all, you get to rub elbows with well-known experts and meet others within your industry — perfect for networking! So how many marketing conferences […]

44% of SEOs Serve Many Different Industries [POLL] by @rinadianewrites

ADVERTISEMENT Are you an SEO agency or consultant looking to serve a few more verticals to grow your business? Unsure how you’ll be able to manage several clients in different industries? Look no further because we’re here to help! We polled the Search Engine Journal Twitter community to find out how many verticals they serve. Let’s take a […]

51% Haven’t Felt the Effects of Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty [POLL] by @rinadianewrites

In 2016, Google announced that it will devalue pages with intrusive pop-ups (also known as interstitials) starting January 10, 2017. The search giant said that pages with intrusive interstitials may not rank as highly in search results because these pop-ups do not make content easily accessible to users. January 10th has come and gone, with […]