Pinterest Business Profiles to Display Total Monthly Viewers by @MattGSouthern

Pinterest is making several changes to the appearance of business profiles, including the addition of a monthly viewer statistic. Everyone, not just account administrators, will be able to see this statistic. It will show users the total number of people who saw the business’s pins within the last 30 days. This statistic may prove to […]


Pinterest Brings Shopping Ads to More Businesses by @MattGSouthern

Pinterest is expanding shopping ads to hundreds more businesses, a significant increase from the couple dozen retailers the ads were previously available to. It’s important for marketers to take note of this because, according to the company, 90% of Pinterest users make purchases on the platform. It also serves as a search and discovery platform, […]

How to Use Pinterest to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence by @http://twitter.com/infobrandz

Social media is one of the cornerstones of modern content marketing. Not only does it give brands a direct line of communication with their target audience, it also provides them with a solid content distribution channel – making them capable of reaching millions with the right content. Building your brand on social media will also […]

Pinterest Adds Pin Engagement & Website Retargeting by @DannyNMIGoodwin

Pinterest entered the world of retargeting this year with the launch of visitor retargeting in June. Then Pinterest rolled out Engagement Retargeting in August, letting advertisers retarget people who engaged with (e.g., saved, clicked on) pins. Now Pinterest is giving advertisers even more new retargeting options. You can now create audiences based on the actions […]


5 Myths About Pinterest Marketing

Are you marketing on Pinterest? Well, you should be. Although Pinterest looks like a cute platform, geared toward females, manicures and recipes, there is much more to it. Pinterest continues to prove itself as a potent platform for marketing, and those who employ its power enjoy high-quality traffic. Yet, there are still lots of myths surrounding the network, […]