Facebook Updates Ad Metrics to Combine Web, App, and Offline Purchase Data by @MattGSouthern

Facebook is updating its ad metrics to give advertisers a more holistic view of how customers interact with their business across all platforms. In order to do this, Facebook is replacing cost metrics that report on interactions on a single channel with a single “Cost per Purchase” metric. Data that was previously reported in the […]


13 Simple Ways to Market Your Business Offline

Q:  I run a small business and need some marketing ideas that I can use offline to get people to visit my store. A: I review dozens of business plans each year. In the marketing section, nearly all of these plans say “We are going to market our company through social media.” This is great, […]


3 Reasons Local Online Lead Generation Beats Offline Lead Generation Every Time

With the power of the Internet so readily available to every small business owner, it never ceases to amaze me how many companies insist upon using offline lead generation methods. They hand out fliers instead of sending out emails. They knock on doors instead of “knocking” on social media feeds. They write articles in local […]

How to Improve Your Lead Quality by Linking AdWords With Your CRM Using Offline Tracking by @wesleyparkerr

Offline tracking is one of the most powerful yet underused tools in an AdWords marketer’s arsenal. After auditing hundreds of AdWords accounts as part of my role at Clicteq, some with multi-million-pound budgets, I’ve only ever seen one marketer utilizing this feature. What Is Offline Tracking and How Does It Help You Generate More Profit? […]