Google Begins Sending Mobile-First Indexing Notifications by @MattGSouthern

Google has started sending emails to notify webmasters that their site has been migrated to mobile-first indexing. The company announced last month that it would be sending notifications regarding mobile-first indexing, but today marks the first time anyone has actually seen them. However, that doesn’t mean mobile-first indexing is just starting now. Google has confirmed […]


Google AdWords Express Now Has Push Notifications for Missed Calls by @MattGSouthern

An update to Google AdWords Express will help ensure advertisers never miss another customer call thanks to push notifications. According to Google, one in every five phone calls received from an AdWords Express ad goes unanswered. Now, if a call is missed, the AdWords Express app will send a notification inviting the advertiser to call […]

Twitter Adds New Filters to Mute Content, Notifications by @MrDannyGoodwin

ADVERTISEMENT Twitter has introduced some new features that will let you filter out more notifications and content you don’t want to see. Here’s what’s new. 1. New Filtering Options Twitter has introduced three new advanced filters that give you the option to mute notifications from accounts that: Use the default Twitter avatar (an egg). Haven’t […]