Google Confirms “Edge Cases” When Content Theft Can Cause Negative Effects by @martinibuster

A web publisher submitted a question centering on whether duplicate articles, presumably stolen content, can have a negative effect on a website. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that stolen content can negatively affect a sites rankings. Google’s John Mueller confirmed in a webmaster hangout that there are “edge” cases that do in fact […]


7 Insights Into How Google Ranks Websites by @martinibuster

Google’s algorithm is built around solving problems for users. That’s why there are featured snippets, carousels and local search specific results.   The implications of how Google understands user intent and how it uses that information to rank sites is very useful for developing a winning content strategy. The following are insights developed by studying patents […]


Facebook’s Local Feed Update – Not Just for News Sites! by @martinibuster

Facebook’s new feed update has been reported as benefiting local news. But that’s not entirely true. It’s not just news sites that benefit. Any website, including a blog or local business will benefit. Facebook itself used a bakery and a real estate site as examples of sites that can rank higher now. Facebook’s announcement stated […]


Facebook Announces Plan to Allow Content Creators to Beg for Donations by @martinibuster

Facebook announced an initiative called Gaming Creator Pilot Program that will help video game live-content creators accept donations from their large followings. In exchange, Facebook will control every aspect of the live streaming gaming community, from the software that powers it to how the community is monetized. Specifically, this is a program that allows video […]


Do You Trust Google for SEO Advice? by @martinibuster

Yesterday I published a news story about schema.org structured data markup for local SEO. What John Mueller said was factually different from what Google’s own Developers Page stated. Google’s own Developers Page contradicted John Mueller. This means either Mueller misspoke or Google’s own Dev Page was incorrect to list a certain structured data markup as […]


Survey of 1,000 Small Businesses Reveals Surprising Digital Marketing Trend by @martinibuster

A United States Chamber of Commerce survey of over a thousand of small businesses across the United States reveals that small businesses are using social media to cultivate new business and grow their business across vast geographic areas. Facebook has emerged as the leading platform for small businesses growth. Over 60% of businesses report using […]