LinkedIn Makes Dynamic Ads Available in Campaign Manager via Self-Service by @MattGSouthern

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads will soon be available to all advertisers directly in Campaign Manager. With this change, advertisers can set up Dynamic Ads on their own through Campaign Manager’s self-service options. That makes it the easiest option available for setting up LinkedIn Dynamic ads, which are displayed on the desktop website. In addition, for the […]


Snapchat Makes Story Ads Available Through its Self-Serve Ad Manager by @MattGSouthern

Snapchat is now letting marketers purchase Story Ads, formerly known as Promoted Stories, through its self-serve ads manager. Now that Story Ads are available through the self-serve ads manager, they will have the same targeting options and auction-based pricing model as other Snapchat ads. This includes Snapchat’s 500+ predefined audience segments. What makes Story Ads […]