Google My Business Adds “Veteran-led” Identifier for Local Listings by @MattGSouthern

Google has added a new attribute to Google My Business listings for identifying when a business is led by a veteran. Google’s Sean O’Keefe, a former Staff Sergeant in the US Army, made the announcement today while revealing that millions of businesses in the US are owned by veterans. “More than 2.5 million businesses in […]


Yext Begins Submitting Local Business Listings to Amazon Alexa by @MattGSouthern

Yext has integrated with Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, giving it the ability to deliver local business listings to users. Those who use Alexa for voice search will be able to receive the most current information about businesses. Alexa will now be able to surface information about business locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more. […]


How to Take Your Link Building Into Your Local Community by @annaleacrowe

It’s hard to separate community engagement from link building. Instead of prescribing to traditional marketing rules, I strive to integrate community engagement with my link building campaigns. Community engagement bridges the gap between offline and online marketing. Break down the idea that link building is only online. My approach to link building is an egalitarian […]


11 Ways to Promote a Local Business on Instagram by @ashleymadhatter

JiffPom (@JiffPom) is proudly (I imagine) sitting atop a throne of 8.5 million Instagram followers. He’s also a dog. To put this in perspective, an “Insta-famous” dog has more followers than Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft combined. If every major soda brand combined their Instagram follower counts, JiffPom would still beat them by over 3 million. […]


Thinking Global, Going Local: SEO from the Block by @SERanking

This is a sponsored post written by SE Ranking. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage and the adoption of voice-powered digital assistants is steadily rising. These advancements are changing the way people search, especially for local businesses. Our data shows that nearly one-third of all Google searches are […]


Facebook’s Local Feed Update – Not Just for News Sites! by @martinibuster

Facebook’s new feed update has been reported as benefiting local news. But that’s not entirely true. It’s not just news sites that benefit. Any website, including a blog or local business will benefit. Facebook itself used a bakery and a real estate site as examples of sites that can rank higher now. Facebook’s announcement stated […]


How to Revamp Your Local SEO Strategy by @overthetopseo

Voice search and digital assistants are changing how people search for local businesses. This year, there will be more opportunities for local businesses to enhance their presence on search engines. Here are six tips to help you revamp your local SEO strategy. 1. Optimize for Google Lens Visual search is going to make an impact […]


Google Integrating Third Party Reviews in Local Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google has been spotted integrating reviews from third party sources in the Knowledge Graph cards for Google My Business listings. Third party reviews from sites like TripAdvisor have been showing up in Knowledge Graph cards for hotels and resorts. These are included along with reviews left directly on Google. To be clear, this is different […]