Google For Jobs is Now Live in Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google’s job search initiative is now live in US search results. Initially debuted at the company’s I/O conference, Google For Jobs sees the search giant collaborating with other companies in the job matching industry to connect employers with the right candidates. While harnessing the power of Google’s machine learning capabilities, combined with the services provided […]

SEJ Live: Rhea Drysdale on Understanding Your Brand’s Reputation by @rinadianewrites

Brands know that the conversation with active and potential customers starts — and likely ends — with reputation. Rhea Drysdale joined #SEJLive this week to talk about understanding your brand’s reputation through reputation marketing. Rhea also gave examples of companies doing reputation marketing right and shared advice on how teams can work together to build a […]

SEJ Live: Erin Robbins on Thinking Outside the Search Bubble & Beating Your Competitors by @wonderwall7

We’re back with another SEJ Live session! This week, Erin Robbins joined #SEJLive to talk about how to leverage data for search campaigns, what key metrics to focus on, and how to monitor these metrics to beat your competitors. Erin also shared tools to track SEO performance, as well as strategies to achieve campaign objectives and KPIs. Check […]

SEJ Live: Mindy Weinstein on Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries by @rinadianewrites

We’ve got double the fun this week with a second SEJ Live session! Mindy Weinstein joined #SEJLive, giving tips and tricks on creating engaging content for those less-than-exciting industries. Mindy also shared tools and techniques to get inspired and start creating exciting content for your uninteresting industry. Below is her live session and the topics she covered. […]

YouTube Gives Creators Live Streaming, Super Chat by @MrDannyGoodwin

YouTube is launching mobile live streaming and a tool to earn money from those live streams – but only for creators with at least 10,000 subscribers. In its announcement, YouTube promises that eventually everyone will have mobile live streaming. Just not now. YouTube first announced its plans to add live streaming capabilities nearly eight months […]