Google Explains Why Charity Sponsor Links are Sometimes Spam by @martinibuster

Google’s John Mueller answered why charity sponsored links sometimes lead to penalties. Mueller asserted that yes, sponsored charity links do get penalized. But he also noted that some sponsored charity links are fine then describes why those links will not receive a penalty. Situations When Charity Sponsor Links Receive Penalties In a webmaster hangout, a […]


New Google Search Console Adds a Streamlined ‘Links Report’ by @MattGSouthern

Google continues bringing classic features to the new Search Console, recently adding a Links Report that combines two popular reports. Links Report One of the defining characteristics of the new version of Google Search Console is streamlined reports. Related reports which would previously exist in their own sections are being combined into one. That makes […]

Podcast Link Building: Gain Links by Being a Guest on Podcasts by @annaleacrowe

Ah, the podcast. Despite the status of being your marketing knight in shining armor — meant to equip listeners with marketing brilliance and algorithm-resistant strategies — podcasts often go underappreciated in the link building world. Just like video link building, podcast link building is meant to be an extension of your brand — though, similarly, […]