Building Links Through Social Responsibility & Taking a Stand by @tonynwright

A number of years ago, I conducted a rather ambitious research project to find out how consumer preferences were affected by a brand’s social stance. While I certainly didn’t conclusively answer whether a brand should take a stand, I did come to one concrete conclusion: A brand that takes a social stand almost always sees […]


Does Google Give More Weight to Links That Appear Higher in Content? by @jennyhalasz

Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post! Today’s Ask an SEO question is from Alex from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He writes: In your experience, does Google give […]


Why Links Are Important for SEO by @benjarriola

Editor’s note: This is a chapter from Search Engine Journal’s new e-book, SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization. Want to read the full guide? Download your copy of SEO 101 now! In the early days of SEO, web ranking was heavily based on keyword usage within the page’s content. Without sophisticated search engine algorithms, keyword […]


Google Reminds Publishers Not to Accept Bribes for Links by @MattGSouthern

In response to a controversial article published by The Outline, Google has reminded publications to refrain from accepting bribes for links. The article in question claims that major publications on the web, including New York Times, CNN, and TechCrunch, have accepted payments from companies in exchange for positive coverage. Several writers, who remain anonymous, admitted […]