Google Releases Tool to Show Off Natural Language Search Capabilities by @MattGSouthern

Google’s research division has released a new tech demo of sorts, which shows off advancements the company has made toward understanding natural language. The new search experience, called “Talk to Books,” invites users to ask questions which Google will respond to with passages from books. Google claims the tool does not rely at all on […]

Google to Automatically Display Local Reviews in Your Native Language by @MattGSouthern

Google made a small but notable change to the way it handles local reviews. Going forward, Google will automatically translate local reviews into your native language. So if you’re in a foreign country and looking for a place to eat, for example, the reviews you find will be in displayed in whichever language you have […]

1 'Huge' Marketing Lesson From the 2 Dirtiest Words In the English Language

Politics and marketing are easily the two dirtiest words in the English language. Alone they conjure skin-crawling images of hucksters, charlatans, hypocrites, and liars. When combined … not only do our intellectual defenses kick into high-gear, but our revulsion is palpable. So why risk bringing the two together? Because this year’s American presidential election contains a […]