Bing Ads Introduces In-line Competitive Metrics by @MattGSouthern

Bing Ads has introduced a new way to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Advertisers can now add competitive metrics, also known as “share of voice” metrics, to in-line performance views. Competitive metrics will compare how your campaigns are performing versus competitors. You can get started using competitive metrics by logging into Bing Ads and […]


Bing Ads Introduces In-Market and Custom Audiences Targeting by @MattGSouthern

Bing Ads is releasing two new features via a pilot program that are designed to help advertisers reach their ideal customers. The two new features include In-Market Audiences (US-only), and Custom Audiences (global). In-Market Audiences In-Market Audiences are curated lists of individuals found to have purchase intent for a particular category of products or services. […]


Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads on Your Site by @MattGSouthern

Google has introduced a tool for publishers to help them identify how annoying and intrusive their site’s ads are. The new tool, called Ad Experience Report, measures how well a site’s ads comply with the Better Ads Standards, which are determined by the Coalition for Better Ads. Publishers can also refer to Google’s new best […]

Bing Ads Introduces Merchant Promotions for Search Ads by @MattGSouthern

Bing has announced Merchant Promotions are now available to all US advertisers. Merchant Promotions were originally being tested as an extension for Bing Shopping Campaigns as a pilot project, before being released across the US. Merchant Promotions are appended to Product Ads as special offers which searchers can click on to receive more information about […]

Google AdWords Introduces Remarketing Lists for Search Ads by @MattGSouthern

Google has announced Similar Audiences are rolling out for Search and Shopping campaigns in AdWords. Similar audiences gives advertisers the ability to target customers based on whether or not they’ve searched for the same things as previous site visitors. ”Imagine you’re marketing a hotel in Hawaii using RLSA, and you want to connect with summer […]

Google AdWords Introduces Account-Level Call Extensions, & More Click-to-Call Updates by @MattGSouthern

Google announced a series of updates to click-to-call ads this week, including a new design, new reporting capabilities, and account-level call extensions. Account-Level Call Extensions Soon advertisers will be able to set up call extensions on a larger scale with account-level call extensions. Rather than implementing call extensions at a campaign or ad group level, […]