7 Insights Into How Google Ranks Websites by @martinibuster

Google’s algorithm is built around solving problems for users. That’s why there are featured snippets, carousels and local search specific results.   The implications of how Google understands user intent and how it uses that information to rank sites is very useful for developing a winning content strategy. The following are insights developed by studying patents […]

How I Turned Engineers Into Bloggers With 50,000 Views

B2B marketing writers are not boring — they are bored. In the rat race for SEO, clicks and visibility, they’re pressured to write at a relentless pace. Consequently, they sacrifice clarity to jargon, experience to corporate-speak, the personal for the impersonal. In most cases, they don’t even put a name on the byline. Most B2B content […]


How to Integrate AI Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy by @cynthialive

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be pure science fiction. But now AI is science fact. This once futuristic technology is now implemented in almost every aspect of our lives. We must adjust. Luckily, we’re used to adjusting, pivoting, and expecting a change of any kind – and quickly. The use of AI in our digital marketing strategies is no different. We […]

4 Things Your Website Needs Convert Visitors Into Customers

Imagine this: your brand is firmly planted at the number one position on search engine result pages, your influencer network is producing daily content pointing their followers in your direction and your email open rates are on the rise. Congratulations, you’ve achieved every digital marketer’s dream scenario! But don’t start patting yourself on the back quite yet. […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Diving Into Video Marketing

If you’ve paused while scrolling through your Facebook Timeline to watch the making of chicken parmesan stuffed garlic bread or a happy shopper showing off her Chewbaca mask, you’ve contributed to the eight billion video views, which Facebook experiences daily. And that matters — a lot. A recent Demand Metric survey found that 74 percent of B2B marketers are reporting higher conversion rates […]

22 Gmail Hacks: Turn Your Inbox Into a Productivity Powerhouse by @Web_Vibes

If you’re anything like me, a disorganized inbox hurts your head. With communications tools like Slack, Facebook’s Workplace, and Microsoft’s Teams in your toolkit, your email inbox should be more manageable than it was a couple of years back. But even if you’re a pro-Slacker, these Gmail hacks will turn you into a productivity guru […]

Bing Transforms Its Homepage into a Digital Advent Calendar for December by @MattGSouthern

Bing is getting into the holiday spirit by transforming its home page into a digital advent calendar of sorts, where people can visit each day this month for a new digital “treat”. First you have to go to Bing.com and click the gift icon, which will turn the home page into something that looks like […]