Google Assistant vs. Siri: Which is the Best Smartphone AI? [INFOGRAPHIC] by @MattGSouthern

With a record number of iPhone activations over the holiday season, coupled with Google Home being sold out everywhere, owners of new tech are no doubt getting acquainted with the personal assistants built into each device. Apple device owners rely on Siri — while Google Home, Google Pixel, and Allo users can call upon Google […]

An Argument For Why You Shouldn’t Use Hashtags [Infographic] by @AkiLiboon

Twitter hashtags are powerful features that can help promote your brand, events, content, and more. It is also used to facilitate Twitter chats. However, they can also mean trouble. Here are SEJ, we use Twitter hashtags to drive engagement, but we’re also aware that bots and spammers leverage this feature the wrong way. That said, Venngage—a data […]