Google News Removes Several Features, Tags, and Schema Guidelines by @MattGSouthern

Google’s revamped version of Google News added new features, along with a complete redesign, but it removed a number of things as well. Several features, tags, and schema guidelines were removed with the launch of the new Google News. A Google representative has released details about the exact features that were deprecated. From a statement […]


Negative Google Reviews from Former Employees Are Now Against Guidelines by @MattGSouthern

Google has updated its Google My Business review guidelines with more specific information about conflicts of interest. According to Google’s new review guidelines, posting negative reviews about a current or former employer is considered a conflict of interest. Moreover, since these types of reviews are now against Google’s guidelines, businesses can request to have them […]

Google: Unnatural Widget Links Violate Webmaster Guidelines by @SouthernSEJ

Google has long had a policy in place warning webmasters against unnatural/low-quality/keyword-rich widget links. In fact, the policy has been in place so long that it has become a fairly common SEO best practice. So, why is it in the news again today? Google has taken it upon itself to reiterate the policy, specifically warning […]