The Technical Guide to Common Magento SEO Issues by @danny_taywitter

Magento is often regarded as a challenging e-commerce platform to achieve technical excellence with. Despite its complex rewrite engine, codebase, and dynamic content and URLs, leading global brands such as Burger King, Coca-Cola, and Tom Dixon all use the platform. Magento boasts a number of great achievements including increasing sales and user time on site, […]

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Aggregation by @cynthialive

Influencers, news aggregators, industry authorities, and brands are all striving to be social media power users. But knowing how to share today’s most topical and relevant web content with your own audience can seem like a laborious endeavor. Here’s how you can efficiently collect, modify, and repost the best content the web has to offer […]

An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman interviews Brynne Tillman of Peoplelinx to talk tips, tricks and trade secrets of LinkedIn marketing. How are you creating new connections? Are you reaching out to engage each new person, and if so, how? Tillman advises against battering your conections with pitches, but it’s important to make an […]