Steal These 4 Clickbait Tricks for Shockingly Great Long-Form Content by @fifteendesign

[unable to retrieve full-text content] You won’t believe what long-form content writers can learn from clickbait’s shady, but potent, language techniques. The post Steal These 4 Clickbait Tricks for Shockingly Great Long-Form Content by @fifteendesign appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Search Engine Journal


Create Great Content from the Start by Following These 3 Steps by @osbennn

Too many marketers see “more content” as the answer to every content marketing problem. Not getting the rankings you want? Publish a new killer resource, informed by your latest keyword research and primed to draw backlinks. Want more social shares? Publish an asset that’s optimized to go viral on the merits of its snackable, interactive […]


7 Ways to Keep Great Content from Dying a Slow, Unremarkable Death by @stoneyd

A website that isn’t adapting is a website that’s dying. The internet changes so fast that the moment you stop improving your website is the same moment that you start losing momentum and falling behind the competition. If your site isn’t actively adapting to the changing nature of the web, it’s stagnating and growing outdated, […]

The 4 Most Essential Qualities of Great Content Marketers by @nancy_elle

The benefits of content marketing are well documented in 2017. According to a Content Marketing Institute report, 88 percent of B2B marketers now use content marketing strategies, with content marketing leaders experiencing 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. Investments in content marketing are clearly paying off, with those dedicating the most effort earning the greatest […]