Google is Updating Image Search on September 27, Here’s What to Expect by @MattGSouthern

Updates to Google Image Search on mobile and desktop are rolling out on Thursday, September 27th. The forthcoming updates were announced today at Google’s 20th anniversary event in San Francisco, and include a slew of new features on mobile, as well as a new user interface on desktop. Google Image Search Updates on Mobile Stories […]


Google Updating Mobile First Index? by @martinibuster

The search community took to Twitter and Facebook to note an increase in mobile first inclusion notices from Google Search Console. Strong anecdotal evidence points to significant update in Google’s mobile first index. Many are reporting unprecedented levels of email alerts from Google Search Console that sites they are monitoring have been migrated to the […]

Google is Bringing ‘WWW’ Back to Chrome URLs Following User Complaints by @MattGSouthern

Google will again display ‘www’ and ‘m.’ in front of URLs in Chrome’s address bar after the decision to remove them was met with widespread user complaints. For those unaware, when Chrome 69 was released last week it surprised everyone when ‘www’ and‘m.’ were no longer displayed in the address bar. Apparently, Google thought it […]

Google Search Activates SOS Alert for Hurricane Florence by @MattGSouthern

Google has activated an SOS alert in the search results pages for Hurricane Florence. The alert features a large red banner at the top, followed by a minimal search results page containing only the most pertinent information about Hurricane Florence. This includes an expandable section of top news stories, a map of the affected area, […]

Google Explains Why Charity Sponsor Links are Sometimes Spam by @martinibuster

Google’s John Mueller answered why charity sponsored links sometimes lead to penalties. Mueller asserted that yes, sponsored charity links do get penalized. But he also noted that some sponsored charity links are fine then describes why those links will not receive a penalty. Situations When Charity Sponsor Links Receive Penalties In a webmaster hangout, a […]

Google: Sites Using A Lot of JavaScript May Not Be Moved to Mobile-First Indexing by @MattGSouthern

Google’s John Mueller cautions site owners that using a lot of JavaScript may prevent a site from being moved to mobile-first indexing. This topic came up in a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout when a site owner asked how Google deals with a site when part of the content is not usable on mobile. More […]