The Essential List of Free PPC Tools by @bigalittlea

It’s imperative for SEM managers to have a broad toolset at their disposal at all times. When it comes to free PPC tools, there are so many great free resources available. After crowdsourcing a few dozen suggestions from my LinkedIn and Twitter networks, as well as my team, I came to an undeniable conclusion: everyone […]

28 Free Tools to Help You Find What People Search For by @annaleacrowe

Editor’s note: This is a chapter from Search Engine Journal’s new e-book, SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization. Want to read the full guide? Download your copy of SEO 101 now! As thought-provoking and enjoyable as keyword research can be, it’s also equally complicated and mind-boggling if you’re a beginner just on the tipping point […]


Google is Ending First Click Free, What Does it Mean for Publishers? by @MattGSouthern

Google is removing a controversial search feature called First Click Free, which let users view content that would otherwise be behind a paywall. First Click Free actually required publishers to provide a minimum of three free articles, forcing some websites to give up more free content than they may have liked. That’s going to change. […]

Creative Commons Launches New Search Engine for Finding Free, Legal Images by @MattGSouthern

Creative Commons has long been known as a resource for free and legal images to use on the web. The non-profit organization has now launched the beta version of a new search engine called CC Search, which is designed to make it even easier to find those images and attribute them to the copyright holder. […]


4 Free Small Business Marketing Tools

There’s only one thing better than finding a cool new marketing tool, and that’s finding a free, cool new marketing tool. Here’s a list of four marketing tools that add real value — but don’t cost a thing! 1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator Ever get stuck trying to come up with ideas for your next article, blog post or […]

Get More Facebook Likes for Free by @LarryKim

Unless you have a huge advertising budget, paying for Facebook Likes is nowhere near as valuable as it was five years ago. After all, organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, right? However, there is still some marginal value in having a large number of page Likes. If nothing else, Likes serve as a […]


Learn How to Create Legendary Promotions in This Free Teleseminar

How can entrepreneurs create impactful and yet cost-effective marketing campaigns that translate instantly to revenue? Two marketing experts will help answer just that — they’ll provide valuable insight from top executives in the advertising industry in an upcoming teleseminar happening Sept. 28, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET.  In this free online event hosted by Entrepreneur Press […]