Google Expands Featured Snippet by @martinibuster

Google appears to have expanded its Featured Snippets to include Google Suggest navigational buttons. This function was previously announced in January. When a user enters a vague search query for which there are more nuanced variations, the featured snippets will now show navigational “chiclets” style buttons that help users navigate to a more specific response. This […]


Google Expands Home Service Ads to More Markets, More Business Categories by @MattGSouthern

Google’s Home Services ad product is now available to a wider variety of business types in more US markets. Back in May, SEJ contributor Ryan Clutter reported Google was reaching out to select businesses in Philadelphia inviting them to become Home Services Ads customers. All businesses in select categories within Philadelphia are now able to […]

Google Expands Property Sets to More Reports in Search Console by @MattGSouthern

Google has heard the requests, and is now rolling out property sets to more reports in Search Console. Following the successful launch of property sets in Search Console earlier this year, Google says one of the most popular requests was to make it available in more sections. In fact, if I’m reading the announcement correctly, […]