Facebook Introduces Messenger Chat Plugin for Business Websites by @MattGSouthern

Facebook has revealed details about version 2.2 of its Messenger platform, which comes with a highly requested customer chat plugin. With Messenger Platform 2.2, Facebook aims to help businesses and developers “reach their customers in new and engaging ways.” The newest way for businesses to engage with customers is with Facebook Messenger’s new chat plugin. […]


Yext’s Latest Advancements Will Expand Where Business Information is Published by @MattGSouthern

Yext has unveiled three major advancements to its platform, powered by AI and machine learning. Yext for Events, Yext Knowledge Assistant, and WeChat Mini-Programs integration have all been designed to help businesses engage consumers using technology such as voice search and smart assistants. These advancements will allow businesses to manage new sets of data, manage […]

5 Ways to Make Your Business Look Good to Customers Online by @ProvenData

How can you properly represent your brand while also offering your customers incentives to choose your business over others? This was the question of a small business owner who owns an upscale restaurant in Chicago. His concern is one that many business owners have. How can businesses draw customers in without looking “cheap”? This particular […]