Smart Content & Smart SEO: Mastering Audiences & Architecture by @seotulsa

In today’s contextual algorithmic world, building a website that reflects SEO best practices while delivering results begins with creating the right architecture and building content that is smart and easily discoverable by your audiences. What Is Smart Content? Simply put, smart content is: Discoverable (easily found). Optimized (from point of creation). Profitable (measurable). Easily displayed […]


Bing Ads Introduces In-Market and Custom Audiences Targeting by @MattGSouthern

Bing Ads is releasing two new features via a pilot program that are designed to help advertisers reach their ideal customers. The two new features include In-Market Audiences (US-only), and Custom Audiences (global). In-Market Audiences In-Market Audiences are curated lists of individuals found to have purchase intent for a particular category of products or services. […]