2017 Local Search Ranking Factors: Proximity to Searcher is Number One by @MattGSouthern

After taking a year off in 2016, Moz is back with its 2017 survey of local search ranking factors. The survey is based on the aggregated opinions of dozens of local search experts, who have been asked to provide their opinions on this year’s top ranking factors on local search. Without further adieu, let’s dive […]

Aimclear Partners with SEJ Summit Chicago 2017 by @jrdoog

Aimclear is a 5-time Inc.500/5000 marketing agency dominant in audience targeting and customer acquisition. It aims to build, track, and convert laser focused audience segments, from introduction to conversion. SEJ Summit is proud to partner with Aimclear as a Silver Sponsor! Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Aimclear is known to provide best-in-class consulting and production services, such […]

Last Month in Social Media: Updates from February 2017 by @thebigdebowski

February was a relatively mellow month in the social media world. Facebook, who usually dominates the landscape with updates, only had a few, while smaller players like Pinterest and YouTube had several as well. Snapchat’s IPO also provided a variety of enlightening data for marketers to use. Here are some of the top social media […]

Will Google Search Give Further Weight to Cybersecurity in 2017 (…and Beyond)? by @danny_taywitter

One of SEO’s hottest topics recently has been the need to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, especially for those websites which collect personal data or passwords. Websites serving content over the secure HTTPS protocol have been given a ranking boost since 2014. Google Chrome (which owns ~55% of the desktop browser market) is visibly branding websites as […]