#SEJThinkTank Recap: Startup Strategies for Grown Ups by @dantosz

On Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft joined the SEJ ThinkTank for a presentation and Q&A session about how to grow your brand by utilizing strategies he has learned in the trenches while growing two startups. (Which were bought by Microsoft and Yahoo!, respectively.)

Think startups tactics have nothing to teach your brand? You might be surprised to find out there is plenty you can learn! Startups have minimal budgets, which means being lean and agile are vital.

Kevin talked about: 

  • Why good PPC campaigns shouldn’t have a budget
  • How understanding your metrics is vital so you can move quickly to kill strategies that don’t work.
  • How to tell when it is time to change direction and accept failure

View Kevin’s Slides Below:

Steal From the Startups: Growth Tactics for Grown Ups from Search Engine Journal

Watch the Full Presentation:


Kevin mentioned a few resources during his presentation, which are listed below.

Rescue Time – This time management software helps you track where you spend most of your time so you can streamline your work day.

Kick Off Labs – This software helps you grow your email list, build landing pages, and more.

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