#SEJThinkTank Recap: SEO in a Mobile World by @megcabrera

On Wednesday, August 24th, SEJ Think Tank was joined by Anne Ahola Ward, CEO of CircleClick, for a webinar presentation about the latest SEO trends and developments as they relate specifically to the mobile screen.

Anne’s 20minute presentation was followed up by an informative Q&A session, led by Loren Baker, the Founder of Search Engine Journal.

Highlights from Anne’s presentation:

  • With more than half of 100 billion monthly searches occurring on mobile devices, there’s no reason not to venture into mobile.
  • 62% of organic searches display different results on desktop vs. smartphone.  This trend is only expected to increase.
  • Search is the most common starting point for mobile product-based searches.
  • What is visible on the page without action is what gets us to scroll. Be worth the trouble of scrolling.
  • The most viewed area of a webpage is just above the fold, at about 550 pixels, with just over 80% viewership.
  • Speed is king. Make sure that your page loads fast, and reap the rewards.
  • There is no dominant platform, always consider Nth possibilities.

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