#SEJThinkTank Recap: How to Double Your Revenue With PPC and Social Ads by @dantosz

On Wednesday, September 7th, the SEJ ThinkTank was joined by Rocco Baldassarre, Founder and CEO of Zebra Advertisement, for a sponsored webinar designed to show you how to double your revenue through the use of cross-channel advertising, PPC, and well-targeted social ads. Rocco has years of experience working with high-level clients, allowing him to provide in-depth information and tactics.


Rocco gave an extremely detailed presentation filled with strategies you can put to work for you today. Key points in the presentation include:

  • Good, consistent branding equals more profits.
  • Remember that different channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc) perform differently and therefore require different strategies.
  • You can diversify your risk by using multiple advertising methods.
  • Cross-channel advertising is effective because a consumer must see your brand 8-10 times before they are ready to convert.
  • Offline marketing can be highly effective and can be tracked!

Learn More From Rocco

Listen to this episode of SEJ’s podcast Marketing Nerds with Rocco and Christina about building your AdWords and Paid Search strategy.

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View The Webinar Here:

Boost Your Revenue w/Cross Channel Advertising from Search Engine Journal

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Join us for the next SEJ ThinkTank webinar with Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft, who will discuss how-tos on startup techniques that he’s deployed successfully with enterprise level marketing teams, focusing on funnel improvement and paid advertising.

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