Google Shows Which Search Queries are Used to Find a Google My Business Listing by @MattGSouthern

An update to Google My Business will now show which search queries are used to find a business listing. This data appears in the Insights tab, which tracks the most common terms and search trends for a particular business. Interested in how customers find your business? Now you can view what queries customers are using […]


5 Ways to Move Your SEO Programs to Target the Top of the Buying Funnel by @tonynwright

For years, SEO professionals have been tackling the bottom of the sales funnel. We’ll give lip service to branding and content marketing targeted at consumers higher in the funnel – those just starting the buyer’s journey. But it’s much easier to target those closest to a purchase. SEOs have traditionally emphasized last-click attribution. We’ve ignored […]


Google Helps YouTube Creators Find Re-Uploaded Content on Other Channels by @MattGSouthern

Google is taking a new step toward helping YouTube creators protect their copyrighted work. The company is releasing a new Copyright Match tool that is designed to find content that has been re-uploaded on other channels. Creators can upload videos using the tool, which YouTube will then scan and attempt to find other videos that […]


Google Adds “People Also Search For” Box to Paid Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google has added a new feature to paid search results that was previously displayed only in organic search snippets. The new “People Also Search For” box, which was updated for organic search this past February, now appears in paid search ads. SEJ contributor John Leo Weber sent in an example, which his Google Ads team […]