Instagram Adds Personalized Emoji Shortcuts for Quick Comments by @MattGSouthern

Instagram has introduced personalized emoji shortcuts, which show up above the keyboard when leaving a comment.

This feature has been designed to allow users to leave comments faster, as using emojis in lieu of text is common practice on Instagram.

The company says this is a collection of a user’s favorite emojis, which means it will be different for everyone.

Here’s a screenshot I took of my “favorite” emojis, which you can see are different from the ones in Instagram’s example.

I can only assume Instagram determines these favorite emojis based on what a person uses most on Instagram alone.

From my experience, they do not match with what shows up in the favorites section of the regular keyboard.

It’s also worth noting that emoji shortcuts only show up when leaving comments. They do not show up when adding text to posts, stories, or sending direct messages.

Emoji shortcuts are available in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android.

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