Google to Give Publishers Dedicated Knowledge Panels in Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google is introducing a new type of Knowledge Panel exclusively for publishers.

The new Knowledge Panel fills the entire above-the-fold section of search results with information to help searchers learn more about a publication.

Searching for a publisher by name will return the new Knowledge Panel. It features:

  • A description of the publication
  • A Wikipedia link
  • Notable awards won
  • A sample of frequently covered topics
  • Claims made by the publisher that have been reviewed by a third party

Information within the Knowledge Panel has been collected to familiarize searchers with the tone, expertise, and history of the publication.

Google says it will continue to refine and improve on this new feature, so future updates can be expected.

While a publisher’s Knowledge Panel does appear at the top of search results, rankings of other pages from that publisher will not be affected.

Publisher Knowledge Panels are generated by Google, and individual publishers cannot opt-out from having one.

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