Google Switches to Infinite Scrolling Mobile Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google has introduced infinite scrolling to mobile search results pages.

Where there used to be page numbers at the bottom of SERPs there is now a “more results” button. Tapping on the button will trigger more search results to load within the same page.

Google has confirmed this is just a “test.” However, it’s not one of those tests that shows up once in a while. The “more results” UIKEYINPUTLEFTARROWUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowUIKeyInputLeftArrowbutton showed up for every search I conducted today in the Google app and various mobile browsers.

Perhaps it’s a “test” in the sense that it’s widely available, but Google will decide whether or not to keep this feature based on user feedback. Until Google confirms it’s permanent we can only assume it’s temporary.

Has Google changed the definition of what it means to rank on page one? We’ll have to wait and see if this test becomes the new status quo.

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