Top 10 SEO Mistakes Affiliates Make by @ab80

Affiliate marketing can be really powerful when SEO and affiliate goals all push in the same direction. Yet it’s also painfully clear that many affiliate marketers are missing out on substantial, sustainable growth by ignoring SEO – or making mistakes that hurt the effectiveness of their affiliate campaigns. To help you avoid these common blunders, I […]


The State of HTTPS in 2017 by @LEHoneycutt

Google announced plans to improve security across the entire web at their I/O conference in June 2014. As well as introducing resources to help webmasters recover from hacks, they emphasized the need for every website online to be encrypted. This was solidified later that year with new webmaster guidelines clearly stating that websites using HTTPS […]


What I've Learned From Spending $10 Million on Influencer Marketing

3. It&#39;s a long-term game.</b></h2> Influencer marketing usually serves as a brand awareness tactic that encourages social media users to take steps to learn more about your brand. For this reason, the best influencer marketing strategies have a lengthy time horizon.</p> To reap the full rewards of an influencer marketing program, marketers should have strategies […]