3 Marketing Strategies for Raking in Millions

&nbsp;Attract your prospects with your meta descriptions.<\/b><\/h2>

Many marketers would flag meta descriptions<\/a> as just trivial things in the SEO family, but they&#39;re wrong. The snippet of information below the link of a search result is essential for two primary reasons. First, it&nbsp;describes the content on your page to the searcher and, second&nbsp;it convinces the searcher to click through to your website.<\/p>

Rand Fishkin<\/a> suggests that you &quot;write your meta descriptions, so they appeal to readers and draw them in instead of stuffing the descriptions with keywords.&quot; The goal is to appeal to your readers (your potential buyers) by writing clear words that answer their search terms and lead them to your landing page without sounding too pushy.<\/p>

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An online marketer is like a farmer — there is no harvest without planting the seeds, toiling in the soil, removing weeds and watering the plants. To rake in millions in sales, position your business (till the land), regularly feed your readers&nbsp;valuable information related to your products (plant the seeds), and give them a free taste of your service, like a money-back guarantee (clear the weeds).<\/p>

In this way, they will know, like and buy from you.<\/p>

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