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December is the time for extensive planning and implementation if you want to stay ahead of the pack in the new calendar year. Holiday traffic from search engines and referrals has made life easier for online businesses in the past. With the right SEO tactics in place, the extra cushion of traffic was readily available, and it ultimately contributed to more conversions. To boost conversions, a proportional increase in traffic was all that was needed.

Times have changed and SEO has become more challenging with updates like the Penguin algorithm taking away a major chunk of traffic from businesses in the effort to provide users with the most helpful results possible.

SEO will slowly give way to CRO in the coming years.

Conversion Rate Optimization is all about getting more out of the existing traffic to your site. It has been around for a long time, albeit in a much more primitive form. Switching banner themes, redesigning landing pages, moving buttons around, removing elements, and showcasing discounts are proven CRO tactics.

New-age CRO techniques are purely data-driven. Without data to back it up, any change is based on assumptions. CRO tools offer an effective approach where experiments and results dictate the changes.

Zarget, a full-service CRO tool, helps marketers drive email subscribers, guide users through the funnel, and get to know their website visitors. Using hard data can help you make vital decision about your website. Read on to see how this tool can help you increase your CRO.

Get More Signups

Signups matter! Registered users are as good as customers — just nurture them and turn them into purchasers. Tweaking your signup forms help muster more signups. You can evaluate your signup procedure with the help of a Form Analytics tool.

Track drop-off points with metrics like hesitation time, refocus points, and corrections made. Reducing the complexity of your signup form helps boost user signups — and eventually your business.

Provide Direction to Your Website Traffic

Traffic on a website can lose direction easily. A potential buyer can get distracted right before checkout if they have the option for coupons. If you showcase available offers instead and make them choose, it is more likely to yield in conversions.

Another hurdle is intercepting users who wander aimlessly and get them on the path you intend. Funnel Analysis will help steer your traffic down the right path.


Get Acquainted

Never overlook an opportunity to get to know your users! Conduct polls, get instant feedback, track email responses, and dive deep into your digital analytics reports.

Heatmap Tools help you find how users are interacting with your site. Analyze the allure your content has with Scroll Maps and find where people lost interest and either trim or revisit your content strategy.

CRO is a straightforward process once the right data is in place. Collecting data is the tough part, and a one-stop shop like Zarget offers a plethora of CRO tools that make life easier for a digital marketer. Every change you formulate can be further ironed out for best results using A/B Testing Tools, and a product spawn from such strategies is bound to succeed.


You don’t have to be an expert to convert your existing traffic into conversions!

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