How to Differentiate Fake News from Real News in Social Media by @ADiSilvestro

“Fake news” has become a topic of household conversation. It is more important than ever to have a firm understanding of what authentic and reputable journalism is, and what is actually fake news. It is more important than ever that individuals be proactive in differentiating fake news from real news, especially in the social media […]

SEJ Live: Rhea Drysdale on Understanding Your Brand’s Reputation by @rinadianewrites

Brands know that the conversation with active and potential customers starts — and likely ends — with reputation. Rhea Drysdale joined #SEJLive this week to talk about understanding your brand’s reputation through reputation marketing. Rhea also gave examples of companies doing reputation marketing right and shared advice on how teams can work together to build a […]

4 Steps to Creating Effective Online Videos

Getting in front of camera can be very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these four actionable steps to create attractive business videos that resonate with your audience. 1. Develop a script. One way you can avoid stage fright on camera is by developing a script before you hit that record button. Developing […]

Google My Business is Now Automating Ownership Conflict Resolution by @MattGSouthern

Google has launched a new feature which gives business owners the ability to streamline the process of reclaiming ownership of their Google My Business listing. In cases where management of a Google My Business listing has been handed over to a third party, it can sometimes be difficult for the actual business owner to regain […]

Surprisingly, Brand Advertising Drives More Conversions Than You Think! by @LarryKim

Search marketing is so awesome because it’s efficient — the ROI is measurable and tangible. Those big brand advertisers — the ones spending millions to advertise on TV, radio, and billboards — what do they know? What a waste of money, right? Well, if those formats are so useless, why are the big companies pouring […]

How to Optimize Your Product Online

Reader Resource Tune in April 7 and find out how to provide stellar customer care with social media in our free webinar. Register Now » You work hard to attract visitors and prospects to your website and product listings. But if those people leave without buying — or without at least signing up to receive email updates […]