Why Just Building Links Doesn’t Work Anymore, & 8 Types of Content to Create that Will Grow Your Online Presence by @JuliaEMcCoy

When it comes to building an online presence, many brands still believe they can take the easy way out. Although the icky days of black hat SEO and link stuffed copy have gone the way of the dinosaurs, it’s not uncommon for a new or budding company (still) to think they’ll succeed by rattling off cheap, backlink-stuffed […]


Craig Simpson's Top 10 Must Read Books for Marketing Professionals

Entrepreneur Reads is a series designed to bring to our readers the best books we’ve found to help motivate your entrepreneurial drive. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of new features. We’ve asked direct marketer and Entrepreneur Press author Craig Simpson for his favorite books that he believes our readers will enjoy. Successful Direct Marketing Methods by […]

Google Introduces the “Google Guarantee” for Home Service Ads by @MattGSouthern

Following Google’s crackdown on San Francisco area locksmiths and plumbers for abusing home service ads, the company has since introduced a verification process that comes with the distinction of being “Google guaranteed”. Here’s what it looks like in search results: Tapping on one of the results brings you to the home service ad for that […]

Beat the Marketing Competition With Data Analysis

Many experts think that massive collection and analysis of data is the way to retain customers, but in reality, data’s not enough. And while the field of analytics is continuously growing, only 31 percent of CEOs, according to one study, said they felt confident that their organizations were in the top tier of data analytics users. Related: 10 Questions […]

Google’s Rich Cards Expand to Restaurants and Online Courses by @MattGSouthern

Google’s Rich Cards, initially launched back in May for recipe and movie searches, have expanded to now include local restaurants and online courses. Rich cards are swipeable carousels that appear underneath search snippets. They allow site owners an opportunity to let searchers preview individual pieces of content before clicking through. ”By building Rich Cards, you have […]

What Does Mobile First Index Actually Mean? by @RyanJones

Ever since Google’s Gary Illyes dropped his mobile first index announcement at Pubcon, there’s been lots of theorizing, conjecture, rampant speculation, panic, and confusion about what exactly that means. Will desktop users get mobile sites? Will sites without the mobile friendly designation suffer? Do we need to change all of our canonical tags? How will […]